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Here is an archive of all of my past Subpar comics.  Not much here now but you have to start somewhere.

Comic Archive:

Where's Port? - Yar not Par! - Nice Hat - Nice Hat - Yummy, Yummy. - My Anus Bleeds

Oct 31 2006

Adventures in Tech Support 1

Infinite Improbability Drive

Please Save 3

Philcon 2006


Amerime Part 1 - Amerime Part 2

Pirated Santa - Here we go a Wassailing - Happy Holidays

Creator Day is Coming. - Creator Day Part I - Creator Day Part II - Creator Day Part III - Creator Day Part IV

Gang Press - Aboard the Krill Sieve - Powder Monkey - Taste the Parody - Watch the Sky! - Wilson? - Don't piss me off - Stunt Driver

Filler #1 - Spam, Spam, Spam - Filler #2 - Kitty's New Toy -

Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft

Filler #3 - Parate Wench - Filler #4 - My First Comic

Bagpipe Hero - The Circus

I pay for this?

Enter the Bad Bunny

Wizard World 2007 / I miss the 80's

Caught Pink Handed

Paint it Black

Bulletproof Comic


Were on Strike!

Babarís Binge

Your Tube

Writers Block

Black Magic

Bare Women

No Money For You


I'm getting married!

Rolled His Last Save.

Par/Squint 08


Bunnies Gome Wild!

My Fellow Americans

Pintel Inside

The PARtriot - Master Debater - This Means War! - Damn Dirty Apes - Wanted!!!

Zenkaikon 2008

And Heartless - The Bunny Biz

My Past Their Future


8 Jokes Part I - 8 Jokes Part II - 8 Jokes Part III - 8 Jokes Part IV

Scottish Dilemma

Frog Xing

Real World I

Real World II

Real World III

Naughty Tentacles

Running With Flaming Scissors




Apr 1st


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Lets check the weather

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